The Grimoire Century Edition (Beast Erotica Bundle) Kristy Flowers


Published: February 25th 2015

Kindle Edition

285 pages


The Grimoire Century Edition (Beast Erotica Bundle)  by  Kristy Flowers

The Grimoire Century Edition (Beast Erotica Bundle) by Kristy Flowers
February 25th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 285 pages | ISBN: | 7.69 Mb

Magic exists. It has existed in the past and will continue to exist.The Grimoire magic is special kind of magic. It has the ability to summon beasts and monsters from every dynasty, age and era. These beasts always obey their master’s orders…even if they are sexual.This special Amazon exclusive bundle includes all the books from the Grimoire and Grimoire 1919 series.In the Grimoire series introduced Katie Walker and her encounter with the Grimoire magic in the modern period.

Magic exists and will always exist, and this time, it has found its way into an app! While living the life of a university student, Katie summons beasts using her smartphone and her dorm rooms turns into a lust filled cave of debauchery. Nothing is off-limits for Katie. Vampires, minotaurs and even the legendary Kraken. With her new found freedom as a college freshman, Katie is ready to explore the limits of her body…in bed.In Grimoire 1919, Helen Walker finds the Grimoire Typewriter during the inter-war years in 1919 London and discovers that the magic can summon any beast she desires…at the risk of being found out by the Church.

Helen manages the General Store she inherited, and in the face of increased competition from larger department stores, Helen faces her biggest challenge as a businesswoman…and even bigger challenges in the bedroom.

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